How to Add the Google +1 Button to Your Website

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve almost certainly heard the latest news that has the social media universe in a frenzy:

Google +1 buttonThis week, Google released its Google +1 (“plus one”) button to compete with Twitter’s Tweet button and Facebook’s Like button.

In order to capitalize on the potential traffic and exposure that this new button can generate, you’ll need to incorporate it into your site as soon as possible.

There’s one little problem, though.

Unless you’re a ninja, you’re probably going to get frustrated while trying to add the buttons to your site.

For most people, there are just too many options and too many different ways to integrate and configure the buttons, and this leaves them feeling uncomfortable with the result.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I implement something on my site, I like to know that I’ve done it the most efficient and effective way possible.

In keeping with this line of thinking (and also with my company’s focus on making the web faster and easier), we’ve gone ahead and published a detailed tutorial that will help you add the Google +1 button to your site with confidence.

Oh, and here’s a pro tip before you go: Under the “Step One (the API Call)” section, be sure to use Option 2—it’s the one that will yield the best performance!

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78 comments… read them below or add one

Shawn June 7, 2011

So are you adding the button to your site, I find all those facebook likes, and google stuff just slows down the site.

What do you think?


Chris Pearson June 7, 2011

Shawn, although I despise how the buttons slow down sites, I’ll probably add them all here.

The benefits of social sharing definitely outweigh the design and speed rape, but ultimately, I’ll never be at peace with buttons that make calls to 3rd party APIs at runtime.


dave blackburn June 17, 2011

Hey Shawn, Just wondering if it really worth all the hasstle – do you not think google is just wanting to break into a market they have ignored for the last 5 years (plus fb likes & tweets do nothing for seo anyway)?

Heard mixed feedback on th +1 button but not convinced it is anything else that showing you are in touch with the trends of today?


Tahmid April 25, 2013

Yes Dave! Google played the trick at last that they should play some years last. But I think it a great trick to give importance on Google + account (I mean authorship) for search ranking. It works great and Google Plus now became popular as FB!


British Guy June 18, 2011

It makes sense for google to come up with something to compete with facebook & twitter’s buttons. Given google’s dominance of the web, there is a good chance that theirs will become widely used and may even surpass facebook & twitter’s buttons.


Maqian January 18, 2013

Chris, thanks for sharing the code and the fix for a single page! I like it!


Dagmar June 26, 2011

I only put things on my blog that look good, I’m very visual, and that button is way too big and distracting. So I’m not going to add it to my site.


Durak June 27, 2011

I added it to my blog a few days ago but I wish I had read your tutorial first, it took me forever to figure it out. Thanks for sharing.


Some Guy June 28, 2011

Is it really beneficial for a website? I mean more clicks on +1 button could improve website’s traffic or SERPs?


Chris Pearson June 28, 2011

Google wants data, and the +1 button is one of the many ways they’ll be gathering expansive new data about people’s social behaviors on the web.

Though I don’t think simply adding a +1 button is going to improve your rankings, it will certainly improve the shareability of your articles.

In all likelihood, articles with a high +1 count will probably show at least some correlation with higher rankings. If you think about it, this has been going on for some time—articles with lots of Twitter or Facebook shares also tend to rank well.

Ultimately, Google views the +1 button (and other social indicators) as a potentially-reliable additions to their search algo.

Historically, links have been the driving force behind rankings, but the addition of social factors will help reduce the importance of linking, thereby making it ever harder to game search algos for direct monetary benefit.


naymin June 29, 2011

Hi Chris,
I agree that google is collecting all data around the web and did they use +1 signal for search result? Or has anything to do with ranking?
google collect all amazing :)


Anita Clark July 3, 2011

I added it yesterday and will track it over the next month to see if it’s worth my while. Time will tell…


Stuart July 8, 2011

For sure its worth adding to see the effect, think they are very late to market though, but when you have money and reach behind you, its possible to catchup, I will use the add button tutorial to speed things up too!, thanks


Web Hippo July 12, 2011

A great little tutorial. Hopefully this really takes off, seeing as it’s google!


prakash July 18, 2011

G+ came as like an storm to fight against Facebook. +1 button fights with facebook like button and twitter tweet button to built online reputation in a new form.



Casey Fisher July 22, 2011

Hello Chris, is there a forum I can get support on customizing Thesis? I’m sure you don’t want to answer questions here :)


Chris Pearson July 22, 2011

Casey, there sure is—paying customers have access to our world-renown support forums. There, you can interact with our professional support staff as well as the rest of the pros in the Thesis community.


Shelton July 30, 2011

I haven’t add yet the G+ since it launch… bit I guess it’s now the time. After reading your post, I find it now useful.


Sean Davis September 28, 2011

I haven’t added any +1 or Like buttons to my blog yet. Reason being, I just recently left Facebook for a number of reasons and I am weary of anything that reminds me of it.

I feel like wherever there is intense social networking, there is low quality communication between people. I value quality dialogue and communication. It just seems like people stop talking when they start “liking” things.

I’m no longer on Facebook but I am on Google+. I think I will hold off on this one with my blog as well as all of my other websites. Like the high-5, I’m going to bring quality communication back to life!!!

Either that or I’ll just give in and implement the buttons. :)


Jamie Delo October 7, 2011

I am not a fan of the +1 buttons. If Google wants websites to link to each other to help it work out its search results, surely +1 ing is going to put people off in linking to sites because they will just +1 instead and feel they have “shared” their find.

Are +1′s going to be a major part of Google’s algorithm then? I see they are in webmaster tools.


Mark October 10, 2011

I’d rather not add something else to my site without truly understanding the benefit of Google +1, and yet it does make me nervous seeing the data in Google webmaster tools. I think I will leave it a few months once there is more information about its impact. I’ll keep watching this site.


mminson October 14, 2011

I had originally decided to add the +1 button in an attempt to bring up traffic a bit. I did see a bit of a spike, but as the interest in google plus declined things have returned to normal. That being said, the post does provide a easy-to-follow tutorial on how to add the +1 button.


Bloggers Portal November 6, 2011

Google plus is will make our blog post PANDA proof. I’ve installed two important buttons in my site – the Facebook LIKE and the Google+. I’ve seen some good changes in terms of traffic. I’ve receive more traffic from Facebook through the FB Lik button and hopefully I will generate more traffic from SE through Google+ buttons.

If your blog is in WordPress installation is very easy with the use of plugins.


James November 6, 2011

Thanks for this post.

Honestly I have been living under the rock, this is something totally new to me.

It is only recently I have woken up to study SEO and PageRank metrics. It is very educative to read an article like this.


Leave No Name, Get No Link November 9, 2011

Thanks for this post! Google+ is a modern trend and no matter how often people tell about its uneffectivenes in front of other social media monsters, it really helps in promoting web sites and it’s just fun to use it. Thank you for sharing the info on how to add G+ button!


Steve November 9, 2011

I’m pretty surprised that people think the plus 1 may not have an effect on ranks. Surely Google will use any signals and metrics they can to decide which page goes where, so I would say it does or certainly will have an effect. So I added it regardless, plus who knows, you may just get an extra seo point for using their button!


Jon November 14, 2011

I found a nice plugin for Wordpress that does the job, has Google+, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and others (that I do not use). My problem was not added the button but getting all buttons to line up and look nice together. The plugin that is working for me is called Social Sharing Toolkit. If there is better let me know, been using it for a few weeks now.


Dagmar November 14, 2011

Thanks for that hint; I replaced my old plugin with the Social Sharing Toolkit and like it a lot better!


J. Bard November 15, 2011

I’ve just put it in on my blog posts (the small one goes along well with my other share buttons). I’m not pushing it as hard as Facebook’s like though (bigger button)

I hope Google one day takes Facebook Like as one of the important things to be considered during searches


Bangalore November 23, 2011

Great help…after reading your post, I find it to be useful. Also Social Sharing Toolkit gives the same exposure but is handy to use and all in swimline way.


Martyn Chamberlin December 2, 2011

This is a cool tutorial and all, but it doesn’t explain how to embed the +1 button on the blog home. (When you just paste the code, the link points to the home page, not the single page.)

I know there’s a way to do it, and today I’m finding out, if it takes all day.

Chris, I’ll bet you don’t know how yet either. :P The race is on …


Chris Pearson December 6, 2011

Martyn, the fix is quite simple (and of course I know how to do it):

global $post;
echo "<g:plusone href=\"" . get_permalink($post->ID) . "\" size=\"tall\"></g:plusone>\n";

Simply stick that code in your function that outputs social links, and your Google+ button will reference the post itself rather than the home page.


Martyn Chamberlin December 6, 2011

As I discovered later that day, you can make the syntax even more terse. ;)


debugg3r December 7, 2011

Thanks for sharing!

Today I will implement on every site I have :).
Can you post a tutorial where you implement a lot of social buttons?



Becky Hansen December 9, 2011

Great article Chris,
I have found that the new plug-in “Sociable” includes google plus. Is there any advantage to this over the standard google plus plug-in?

Thanks, Becky


Mister Resistor January 3, 2012

Useful article but don’t you think that Google+ button is a bit useless? Not that many people use it at this time.


Umesh Ramidi January 10, 2012

thanks for sharing such a nice article! google+ button in the website will really increase the position in serp


Amsale January 15, 2012

Chris, thanks for sharing the code and the fix for a single page! I have not been a big fan of ‘social’ and don’t believe in Google+ traffic increasing potential so much, however to keep up let us have them all:)


Winmac January 26, 2012

According to Bruce Clay, the +1 button will affect the search of people in your circles provided that they are still logged on to G+ at the time of the search.

Plus, I personally think that it will somehow affect page positioning on SERP as Google is going all out to ensure that G+ is supported. Though I don’t see G+ will ever catch Facebook in the near future but it will give a good fight in a good couple of years.


john January 30, 2012

Hello I read your article and adding G+ button definetely helps in website traffic increase


Nadia Nasrallah March 11, 2012

At first, the idea that Google + could be beneficial to my websites was a little iffy. But after much reading, I have started to consider it. It will be using this post in the near future.


IanO April 5, 2012

I definitely think a Google+ button must have at least a positive effect on your website in terms of position on Google. Possibly in future could be a ranking factor for Google although not a main one. I do question the numbers of these type of button. I recently used AddThis on my site and there a range of buttons I dont recognise or have been used.


akshay April 20, 2012

i have got many +1 on my sites but i still feel that +1 would take some what 1-2 years to fully integrate and affect major portion of the search.


Koundeenya May 6, 2012

Today Google is forcing us to use Plus Ones. The more the +1s we get, the more the exposure our blog gets


Zeeshan May 11, 2012

I usually hate plugins because it slows down your site so adding Plus button this way will help me. Thanks


cory j June 22, 2012

Adding the +1 button is highly technical and confusing. It gets frustrating to add it and I am constantly searching the Web for the easiest way and because of the tutorial (your link), I successfully implemented it on my site. Right now, my site is enjoying more and more +1′s and I couldn’t be happier. It is important for me that my site will get a lot of +1′s because it is my baby and I want to be an authority in my field. For me, having the +1 button (and many people liking it) is a measurement that people are recognizing my site. Thanks again for the tutorial, it is very helpful.


david August 6, 2012

Great post. Thanks for sharing. Now i will update my website.


William Contestabile August 15, 2012

It does have some other uses. If your logged into google and you search for something relevant to any +’s you have given websites they come up high in the results compared to when your not logged in. I kinda use it like bookmarks :)


George September 18, 2012

thanks for sharing the code and the fix for a single page!

Very helpful


Tony Hill September 19, 2012

when this was offered I have seen sites that added them everywhere thinking it was going to get them higher rankings, with every client we say either at the footer or the home/index page


Paulex September 23, 2012

Thanks, very helpful!


jehad September 24, 2012

It does have some other uses. If your logged into google and you search for something relevant to any +’s you have given websites they come up high in the results compared to when your not logged in. I kinda use it like bookmarks :)


jonn October 23, 2012

google plus 1 is cool


Mesuon Marketing November 17, 2012

Great. I was just installing a googleplus on a wordpress and got confused. Then by accident i saw your post.

Txs and greets from Berlin, Germany


jo-ann November 24, 2012

Thanks, now I will add this plus button to my blog.


Adam December 3, 2012

adding G+ button definetely helps in website traffic increase,


Vivek Bhatt December 4, 2012

i really wanted to know how really this google plus badge can be added to our website. thanks for sharing it. was a great post.


Christopher January 17, 2013

Very helful, thank you, Set it up in 5 minutes.


Keith January 26, 2013

I find it amusing you haven’t added them to your site already, but I don’t blame you. Google+ just feels different from Twitter and Facebook. Sort of like people only do it for SEO. Curious to see where Google heads with the whole thing, but probably won’t add these buttons either.


Vanessa February 1, 2013

The next thing we know, we now have a hundred social media buttons to add to our site! I wish Google could make things simpler. These two google + buttons (the read and the blue) are confusing as far as their functions.


Troy Wilson February 6, 2013

Very nice post Chris. These social media buttons are very important to implement in site from google’s point of view and better site performance. I am an web designer based in Melnourne and I design a plenty of sites and I always take care to implement these buttons.



Paul D. Mitchell February 9, 2013

Google+ is on it’s way down because of their real names policy, Google it and you’ll find out. I just removed the Google+ button from our sites pages. Don’t bother putting it on your site.


Javier February 24, 2013

I haven’t seen many people using Google+, even when Guy Kawasaki made a free book to promote it, it looks like people spend more time on facebook and twitter these days. It is a shame because another google tool dead will mean google isn’t as strong as it used, since most of the tools working RIGHT NOW are tools GOOGLE BOUGHT and not tools they created from scratch (like google+)

Google Docs is something they bought (writely). Granted, it changed a lot, but if writely was still around, I bet google docs wouldn’t be where its now.

If Google could buy facebook, then google+ will be the new facebook. Right now, I believe people don’t really use G+ other than for the chat.


Mark Ford March 20, 2013

I’m really surprised to see people on here questioning the Plus One button.

Every video or article I’ve seen from Matt Cutts lately seems to talk about one of two things: Author Rank and Social Sharing.

Unless he’s just saying it to drive the Google+ subscription numbers….


kfein April 12, 2013

there’s no denying that google+ is indeed an important tool to rank better in serp.


Tien Trinh April 17, 2013

Brilliant! I will have this on my site too. Thanks for this useful information!!!


Norman Risner April 18, 2013

All these Google and Twitter like buttons just slows down my website. After I took them off, my site loads faster.


John Walt April 23, 2013

Adding a google plus button is definetly beneficial for a website. Should we place the google plus vbutton in the footer or in the sidebar? Which will give more exposure? Please provide your suggestions


Koundinya May 5, 2013

Having a Google Plus button on the site is very important. As Google has integrated the Google+ into its search algorithms, it is a must, now. Thanks for helping us here.


Ryan May 30, 2013

I felt compelled to comment on this due to the amount of people suggesting that not just Google+ but social media in general is inconsequential when it comes to rankings in SERPs.

I know some of these comments may be fairly old now but it has been clearly indicated, by Matt Cutts particularly, that social signals do hold weight in Google’s ranking algorithms.

There really is no reason why you shouldn’t have a ‘+1′ button on each page/article on your site, rel=author markups on all content you have written and a rel=publisher markup on your website. Do it now and you will be ahead of the game.


Erin November 5, 2013

Thanks for the tutorial. I prefer to use Google +1 instead of Facebook like button, because Facebook is full of spammers.


Frixter February 25, 2014

I viewed a video from Matt Cutts and he said that Facebook Like and Followers on FB page has no direct SEO impact – it is not part of the Google’s algorithm but Google +1 has SEO effect.

That’s why in every blog i created, I should see to it the Google plus button is within reach to all my readers.


J Morgan Thomas September 17, 2014

Hi Chris,
I have been using your Cutline 3-Column Split theme for going on 8 years now, and I want to tell you how great (wanted to use ‘fantastic’, but I’m a subdued type of person) your design is.
Have thought that for many years and just wanted to express it.
Kudos also to the WordPress team. Unbeatable.


Nidhi Arora October 14, 2014

I am a beginner in the field of SEO with a very basic designing knowledge. Just joined a company and got 2 projects to work on. I tried to include G+1 button to integrate the authorship markup for a blog and faced some issues with the placing.
The resource link you shared on this page was a much help for me. At last after reading it, I followed the steps and successfully integrated it on the blog though I needed few helps from my colleague who is a designer.
I want to thank you for the help and this good article.


Angel October 21, 2014

Hi Chris,

We recently changed domain names of our company’s website. Do you know of a way to get all those +1′s transferred to the new domain? Also for SEO purposes would you recommend sticking with the plus 1 button or getting a follow button instead?


Bill Iskancin March 22, 2015

Hi Chris,

I am still confused with all thesis thing, you have a nice thesis blog


Sanjeev July 13, 2015

I added it to my blog a few days ago but I wish I had read your tutorial first, it took me forever to figure it out. Thanks for sharing.


Paul November 1, 2015

trying to add the google profile embed but the width cannot be altered , argh!


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