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About the Neoclassical Theme

Neoclassical is a free, 3-column, widget-ready WordPress theme from me, Chris Pearson. I am not a designer, but rather a Web architect, and this product is reflective of that fact in many ways.

As the Web has evolved, we have all grown accustomed to the notion that online success involves many different disciplines. The following list, for example, contains just a few of these disciplines, and it should be noted that attention to each can significantly affect a site’s performance:

  • design
  • programming
  • SEO

Instead of providing you with something that looks nice or merely gives you a new look for your blog, I have chosen to dedicate my professional life to building templates that can truly have a positive impact on your success. Design, optimization, accessibility, usability, solid codeā€”all of these elements are critical to your site, and as a result, none of them can be given perfunctory treatment when developing for the Web.

In addition, it’s equally important that you as a Webmaster are able to understand the basics of your site’s theme. This is why I employ a very user-centric development process, wherein I actively make design decisions based on the average (or even below average) user’s ability to understand and adapt the theme to suit their own needs.

Whoever said beauty was skin deep certainly wasn’t thinking about WordPress themes. Your theme needs to look great from any angle, and I hope you’ll agree that the Neoclassical Theme does just that.