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Version Release Notes

This page contains information on Neoclassical Theme updates and the changes associated with each version release.

Version 1.1 — November 27, 2007

  • Added comment_link class to CSS to allow for better interactive comment dialogue
  • Added more vertical whitespace to comments
  • Modified horizontal alignments and other minor spacing issues, especially within the comment section of the design
  • Eliminated the quotation graphic from blockquotes in favor of a more adaptable style
  • Removed custom.css from the primary download package—the file is now housed in a separate download here
  • Modified header.php to allow for a conditional nofollow on the site title link
  • Properly capitalized navigation links in nav_menu.php
  • Changed default <code> font to Consolas
  • Added a “note” class to be used on special alerts; for a sample, simply check out the yellow box at the top of this page
  • Fixed vertical spacing between site title and tagline
  • Removed width and height constraints on the rotating header images (more flexibility for users who wish to customize)